“Dragan has always been the best realtor! He’s very knowledgeable and will make sure his client has all the information they need to make the best decision. He will go above and beyond to make sure his client is satisfied throughout the entire process whether selling a home or purchasing one. I would highly recommend Dragan to anyone that wants the smoothest transaction possible!”

Jeff and Sunny Moody

“Dragan was nothing short of amazing. Working with him over a 2 year period, Dragan gave me invaluable advice and counsel, kept me sane through the insane real estate process, & was always there with a joke or anecdote to pacify me. Dragan helped me get my house ready to sell, while helping me find my perfect new home. I will always refer everyone considering purchasing or selling a home to Dragan!”

Rafael Peterson, Laveen

“It was a pleasure working with Dragan Daubenmier. He was always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He was diligent in getting to know us and our needs/wants very quickly. Dragan’s promptness kept everything going smoothly, which made finding a home in Arizona from Colorado a fun adventure for us. He just took care of us!! He made it all so simple! He enjoys doing his job and it shows! We would recommend Dragan Daubenmier because we know that he would take care of them the way he took care of us!”

The Puskas Family Scottsdale AZ

“Dragan Daubenmier is simply amazing. My partner and I had a horrible experience with the lender but Dragan went above and beyond his role to try to get all parties involved on the same page. I cannot say enough good things about him. The property purchased was in another state, and on numerous occasions Dragan scheduled and attended inspections, coordinated with the tenant, and even sent me video walkthroughs of the property. He had amazing communication and I always knew where I was in the process. I wish I could use him on every transaction in every state.”

You will not be disappointed!

Mike A. Tempe

“Dragan did a great job for us, he was in constant and quick communication at all times. Timing was important. I felt that Dragan was truly working for US and had OUR best interests in mind at all times. I would highly recommend Dragan and would use him again in the future if the opportunity arises.”

Roger W. Stelter, Surprise Farms, Surprise, AZ.

We felt that we were testing Dragan Daubenier’s patience in the year he spent working with us. We had him show us everything from patio homes to condos to single family residences in every neighborhood from Arcadia to Tempe. He never lost his cool and always came through with distinctive homes to show us, never wasting our time.

Every time we looked at a home, Dragan learned a little more about what we needed, a little more about us, until finally we walked into a place and knew the moment we crossed the threshold he had done it.

Looking for a home is tantamount to therapy, but Dragan made it a lot more fun, and a lot less stressful. Steph and I recommend him without reservation.

Andrew Levkoff, Tempe
4th Jul 2013

Dragan has all the qualities you’re looking for when dealing with real estate. He’ll give you honest answers based on his experience and is also honest enough to say he doesn’t know if he doesn’t know.

He’ll give you advice and information that’ll help you make a more informed decision but knows the decision is ultimately up to the client. He won’t force or impose himself like other agents who are only interested in their commission.

To sum up, Dragan is well balanced–not too passive but also not overbearing. A consummate professional, Dragan will help make your search for a new home go as smoothly as possible.

Joshua, Phoenix
29th Jun 2013

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