Second quarter donations!

I can’t believe the second quarter is already over!  This year is going by far too fast, me no likely.  As mentioned here, I will be donating a hundred bucks from every deal I close, to various organizations.  This is something I started this year, and plan on continuing to do so until I am no longer involved in real estate.  The second quarter, I chose New Pathways for Youth as that organization, I’ve been volunteering there for a while, so it felt like the appropriate first choice.  I ended up closing a total of 8 deals this quarter, so that’s $800 that will go toward improving the lives of our future!

For this next quarter, I’m changing it up a bit, and going with something that benefits fuzzy critters.  I sent out a mass email to my contact list a couple months ago, asking for suggestions on where/what local organizations to donate to, and had a great response!  A current client of mine suggested Helping Orphaned Hounds, and that’s what I’m rolling with.  For the next three months, $100 from every deal I close will be donated to aid the fuzzy critters.  I’ve got two of my own, so I’m pretty motivated to do well, and give them lots of monies!!

Once again, I am asking all of you for suggestions on where my money should go.  If you know of, or are part of a local non profit organization that is in need of some help, I will add them to my list!  Once I get the ball rolling a bit more, I will most likely be changing things up just a wee bit.  I will have a designated organization that $100 from every closing will go to, and in addition, I will donate $50 to a specific organization that my client chooses.  Just in case there are people who don’t care about the fuzzy critters!  (I don’t work with those people anyway =P).

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