Music vs Podcasts

As a real estate agent, I do a ton of driving.  Roughly 28,000 miles per year, it’s not rare for me to have days that involve me putting 200 miles on my car, simply from showing homes.  Up until earlier this year, I’d switch between NPR, and the same old stations on Pandora.  I had tried a few audio books, but never really got into them, so I dumped that idea.  This was my regular routine for 5 years while covering the valley in my green machine (definitely not a panty dropper of a car).

Whether it was from sheer boredom, or simple curiosity, I finally decided to test out some podcasts about 4 months ago.  Since then, I’ve been totally hooked, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new part of Dragan that I never knew existed.  Perhaps I had just fallen into that lame cycle of following the regular routine, whatever it was, I’m excited to be out of it.  I have never wanted to learn more about everything out there than NOW.

It started with a couple very boring drives to Nogales, AZ, and a crap ton of Ted Talks episodes.  I listed to every single Ted Talks episode available on subjects I had interest in.  From there, it lead to listening to Tony Robins, as he was a guest on a Ted Talks show.  I listened to Tony for a month solid, then Moved on to Terence McKenna who absolutely blew my mind, and continues to do so until this day (he always will, amazing guy).  My two latest, and possibly favorite people to listen to, have been Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss.  These last two have led me to some pretty incredible ways of thinking, and goals to achieve in life.  I’m extremely grateful to have come across them!

Podcasts have helped me rediscover my passion for reading and creating, but have also given me the ambition to simply be an amazing human being.  We all have it in us, it’s simply a matter of taking action on it.  You either choose to be an amazing person through specific actions in your life, or you coast by comfortably (or not so comfortably).  Neither choice is necessarily right or wrong, it’s got to be a personal decision.  Mine, is to challenge myself to become the absolute best version of Dragan that I can be, in all aspects of my life.

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