Hair and ideas.

And just like that, I’m celebrating my 16th No Shave November in a row. Until recently, I just assumed it was another odd “holiday” gig that popped up, as so many do. As it turns out, it all started around 2004 with a foundation based in
Australia, and New Zealand named “Movember Foundation”. Mo(moustache)vember, was put into place as a creative way to get more people talking about men’s health. The idea was simple, grow out some hair you normally wouldn’t, and once questioned about it, the fuzzy individual has an opportunity to raise awareness of various cancers commonly found in men.

~ Awesome idea for so many reasons, but the best part about this in my opinion, is that it wasn’t simply left as an idea. That idea was put into effect, and since then, has spread to over a dozen countries.

Having ideas like this is not the difficult part, having the motivation, and desire to do something with our ideas is where the true struggle lies. We’re afraid of our idea coming across as stupid, insignificant, or ending up in total failure. In my eyes, it would be more foolish to keep that idea cooped up until acting on it is no longer an option. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work out, and you get to learn something new about yourself =).

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