Cocos Locos!

Life doesn’t need to be nearly as complicated as most of us make it.  We have the choice to do what we want with our time, and our lives, yet so few choose to take control of this opportunity.  If you want to go sell coconuts on the beaches of Mexico, then go sell coconuts on the beaches of Mexico.  Most people will not do this for a variety of reasons, and excuses, so they simply bitch about what isn’t right in their lives.

Humans have more options than any other being on Earth as far as we know, and perhaps, that it part of the problem.  Maybe we need to dig deep, and go back to more of an archaic time when it comes to our life choices.  Food, sex, art, nature, shelter, and deeper relationships with our fellow human beings would go a long way in my opinion.  There isn’t enough time in the day, month, year, or lifetime to keep up with everything currently available to us.  Too many choices can be paralyzing, so pick a handful that are meaningful to you, and roll with them.

Go be a crazy coconut!

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