Awesome property available close to the Phoenix Country Club. Very funky and unique 50’s home packed with character! 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,546sq’, and huge diving pool all located on a super private lot. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Thank you.

1820 N 7TH AVE, Phoenix, AZ 85007

This is one of those rare properties full of personality. You won’t find anything cookie-cutter about this beautiful home which is centrally located within the Palmcroft neighborhood. Every little detail is overflowing with character! Over 2,300sq’ of living space with 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 stylish bathrooms -clawfoot tub, a private pool, alley access for easy parking, and the possibility of converting the back room to a 3rd bedroom/separate guest house with ease! The location of this home is also stunning! Within 1-2 miles you have access to dozens of great restaurants/bars, the Heard Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, the light-rail, multiple golf courses, the Phoenix farmers’ market, multiple music venues, AZ Science Center, Orpheum Theatre, Cityscape and much more! Stop on by today

Take the time to reflect on yourself.

Boom! The year is just about over, in the blink of an eye. Perhaps this is a normal feeling for someone who is constantly working, but maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s simply the fact that the world we live in, is getting busier, and busier. My 89 year old grandmother even feels it, and she spends most days at home…

Getting caught up in the busyness of this world is an easy task to accomplish. Not only does time fly by us, but we often forget to take a step back, and truly reflect on what our year was like. Spending that time to pin point where we can improve our lives is absolutely necessary in my eyes. Neglecting the thoughts, and feelings that take place between our own two ears because we lack reflection time, is a silly mistake to make. One that is easily avoidable if we’re aware enough to do something about it. Continue reading “Take the time to reflect on yourself.”

Hair and ideas.

And just like that, I’m celebrating my 16th No Shave November in a row. Until recently, I just assumed it was another odd “holiday” gig that popped up, as so many do. As it turns out, it all started around 2004 with a foundation based in
Australia, and New Zealand named “Movember Foundation”. Mo(moustache)vember, was put into place as a creative way to get more people talking about men’s health. The idea was simple, grow out some hair you normally wouldn’t, and once questioned about it, the fuzzy individual has an opportunity to raise awareness of various cancers commonly found in men. Continue reading “Hair and ideas.”

Wake up and smell the extinction!

I’m in a ranty mood today, mostly about humanity, and this royally screwed up society that we’ve created for ourselves.  What we’ve designed, simply is not working for us, or the planet which provides us with the ability to even exist here in the first place.  When is the last time you sat down by yourself, and questioned what your role is in this life.  Why are you here, what do you have to offer, and where are you going?   Continue reading “Wake up and smell the extinction!”

Music vs Podcasts

As a real estate agent, I do a ton of driving.  Roughly 28,000 miles per year, it’s not rare for me to have days that involve me putting 200 miles on my car, simply from showing homes.  Up until earlier this year, I’d switch between NPR, and the same old stations on Pandora.  I had tried a few audio books, but never really got into them, so I dumped that idea.  This was my regular routine for 5 years while covering the valley in my green machine (definitely not a panty dropper of a car).

Whether it was from sheer boredom, or simple curiosity, I finally decided to test out some podcasts about 4 months ago.  Since then, I’ve been totally hooked, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new part of Dragan that I never knew existed.  Perhaps I had just fallen into that lame cycle of following the regular routine, whatever it was, I’m excited to be out of it.  I have never wanted to learn more about everything out there than NOW.

It started with a couple very boring drives to Nogales, AZ, and a crap ton of Ted Talks episodes.  I listed to every single Ted Talks episode available on subjects I had interest in.  From there, it lead to listening to Tony Robins, as he was a guest on a Ted Talks show.  I listened to Tony for a month solid, then Moved on to Terence McKenna who absolutely blew my mind, and continues to do so until this day (he always will, amazing guy).  My two latest, and possibly favorite people to listen to, have been Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss.  These last two have led me to some pretty incredible ways of thinking, and goals to achieve in life.  I’m extremely grateful to have come across them!

Podcasts have helped me rediscover my passion for reading and creating, but have also given me the ambition to simply be an amazing human being.  We all have it in us, it’s simply a matter of taking action on it.  You either choose to be an amazing person through specific actions in your life, or you coast by comfortably (or not so comfortably).  Neither choice is necessarily right or wrong, it’s got to be a personal decision.  Mine, is to challenge myself to become the absolute best version of Dragan that I can be, in all aspects of my life.

Cocos Locos!

Life doesn’t need to be nearly as complicated as most of us make it.  We have the choice to do what we want with our time, and our lives, yet so few choose to take control of this opportunity.  If you want to go sell coconuts on the beaches of Mexico, then go sell coconuts on the beaches of Mexico.  Most people will not do this for a variety of reasons, and excuses, so they simply bitch about what isn’t right in their lives.

Humans have more options than any other being on Earth as far as we know, and perhaps, that it part of the problem.  Maybe we need to dig deep, and go back to more of an archaic time when it comes to our life choices.  Food, sex, art, nature, shelter, and deeper relationships with our fellow human beings would go a long way in my opinion.  There isn’t enough time in the day, month, year, or lifetime to keep up with everything currently available to us.  Too many choices can be paralyzing, so pick a handful that are meaningful to you, and roll with them.

Go be a crazy coconut!


I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a huge fan of the term “you only live once”.  First off, do we really only live once?  I haven’t seen any concrete evidence to prove this statement.  Perhaps the human body is simply the larva form of a greater being that we will eventually become, NO ONE KNOWS!  Second off, the “YOLO” term is generally used by some poor soul who is about to jump off a rooftop into an angry pile of bees, or do something equally as foolish to their body!

That being said, I do like the general idea of the term, which is, do what you want to do, and what ultimately makes you happy.  Being responsible about it is simply a personal preference I suppose, if you enjoy angry bees, then please, do not let anybody hold you back!

It doesn’t take much time to realize that a huge portion of the human population is not entirely where they’d like to be in their life.  Slaving away at some shit job for nine hours, then coming back home to kids you barely know, and an equally exhausted, frustrated, and broken spouse, partner, life partner, whatever the hell you want to call them, is just not my idea of an enjoyable life.  However, this is a quality of life that far too many people get wrapped up in.  It doesn’t all happen at once, and most often, people don’t realize it’s happened until shit has officially hit the fan.  Is it reversible?  Hell yes it is.  Do people put in the effort to get back what ultimately makes them human once they’ve realized what has been lost?  Not often enough in my opinion.  This seems like a trend that is only getting worse and worse.  Lives are revolving more and more around money, and less and less around community, art, nature, time getting to know who you are as a human being, and time with loved ones.  In my opinion, unless there are some drastic changes in the very near future on a massive scale, some sort of shit, is going to hit some sort of fan, and perhaps that will be the wake up call we all need.

Many people simply don’t know where to start to get back into the habit of being a happy, productive, and creative human being again.  One method which has truly helped me understand what is important in my life, and actually doing something about it, is to create a list.  Create a list of how you’d like your ideal day to go, then break that down into a smaller, more detailed list, and stick to it as best as possible.  This works just as well with longer term goals.  I personally have a daily, weekly, and annual list of goals that I do my best to meet, and that shit helps!  Will you ever meet ALL of the goals on your lists, probably not.  However even meeting 25% of those goals, is most likely more than you’d accomplish without having made a list of what is important to you, and what you want your life to look like.

One of my longer term goals, which I’m hoping to complete by the end of 2018, is to buy an old bus, restore it, and travel the United States, and eventually other countries.  It doesn’t matter if you have the knowledge to make something like this happen, that will come with trial and error, the part that matters is that you’re making an effort to do something you want to do, something that really makes you happy.  Be human again, create, meet new people, develop deeper relationships with those you meet, enjoy nature more, and you will have a better quality of life.

Mmm… food and beverage…

After knowing me for even a short period of time, one will quickly realize how incredibly excited I get by food and beverage.  I love trying new foods, there is nothing I am unwilling to taste at least once.  Phoenix is very lucky to have a huge selection of great restaurants and bars to choose from!  I’ve put together a little MAP of some of my favorite places to grab a bite, or enjoy a beverage.  These are in no particular order, and the list will grow as I try new places (and randomly think of places I have been to, but haven’t added…), so be sure to come back and see if you’re missing out on anything exciting!!  Also, if there is a place you think I should try, please leave a comment!

Volunteering that makes a difference!

Phoenix has a ton of great opportunities when it comes to volunteer work, but taking that first step to getting involved in your community can be challenging.  Most of us think we couldn’t possibly dedicate any time to volunteer work because we’re already incredibly busy, so the thought rarely crosses our minds.

A few years back, I was in that boat.  I was working 40+ hours a week, had hobbies, and needed some social time with friends, and family.  I barely had any personal time, so the thought of dedicating any time to volunteering just wasn’t a consideration of mine.  Occasionally I would volunteer for a few hours at a food drive, but that was the extent of it.

It was then that I was introduced to New Pathways for Youth, a local non-profit that truly does make a difference, and has been doing so since 1987.  I had no idea what to expect going in, but I knew it was going to be intense, and require a lot of dedication on my end to make it work.  What I was not expecting, was what I would get out of it.

I started with a program called EXCEED which worked with high school students from around the valley.  30-40 mentors, and youth were sent to a camp in the woods, and forced to bond, not awkward at all…  When I say forced, I actually mean we bonded out of necessity.  Everybody was horribly awkward, and to survive those four days, we had to work together.  It was by far one of the more emotional four days of my life, you go in expecting to change the life of a youth, but end up also finding out a lot about who you are as a person.  This was a difficult realization for some, but definitely a beneficial experience for all.

After a couple years in the EXCEED program, I moved to the PALS program which involves a younger crowd, and so far I’m having a blast!  I currently dedicate 1-3 hours a week to my youth, and it has never felt like a chore.  NPFY does a great job at pairing mentors and youth, they have a system in place, and it works very well.  They take their time, and do their best to match you with the best option possible.

My reason for this post, is to spread the word about this awesome organization, they make a difference, but they could not do it without dedicated volunteers.  At this time they have 35 youth in need of  positive role models.  There are different programs available, so fitting around a schedule generally isn’t too difficult, but this does require dedication.  If you feel this may be something you’re interested in, I highly suggest doing some research, and finding out if it’s a good fit for you!

Check out the attached flyer for more info, or http://www.npfy.org/, you can contact Dina Reed at (602) 422-9264 or dreed@npfy.org if you have specific questions, or choose to hop on board!